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If you’re looking for a home inspection professional in the greater Holiday, FL area, we offer quality home inspection services. Serving West central Florida areas of St. Petersburg to Spring Hill and all surrounding areas. Our thorough home inspections are conducted with years of previous construction experience, giving an edge to any home seller or buyer before home inspections reveal too many surprises. Each inspection comes with a personalized walk-through for your property. 

Home Buyer Inspection

This is the most common inspection on the market. This type of inspection is sometimes called a pre-closing inspection since the inspection is done once the contract is accepted and the inspection is needed so the home can be accepted or closed. This is a thorough inspection where the attic, crawlspace, foundation, roof, interior, exterior, appliances, plumbing, electrical, fireplace, and more of the home’s attributes are checked.

New Home Inspections

This is an important inspection to have since the home’s longevity and safety start at this point. Buyers can often choose to do a phase inspection to ensure accuracy before things like plumbing and electrical are covered behind drywall. New homes are seldom perfect and this type of inspection will ensure that the home and the occupants’ best interests are covered from sudden surprises down the line when they go to renovate or sell.

Pre-Listing Inspection

The benefit of this type of inspection is to inform the seller exactly what shape the home is in. Issues can be addressed before the buyer sees the home. This will build confidence in the property being viewed that the seller maintains the house. This type of inspection equates to more interested buyers, quicker sale since negotiations will be eliminated, and avoid last minute repair hassles that could delay closing or end the sale altogether.


4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point is a less thorough inspection, often required by FHA lenders to assure the dwelling's main four systems are operating properly. Additionally, insurance companies sometimes require a 4 Point when purchasing an older home or when your shopping for cheaper rates. It covers the roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.



Builders often give the seller a 12 or 24 month warranty to fix any issues found in or around the home. This type of inspection should be done one month prior to the expiration of that warranty to ensure that problems found, will be the builder’s responsibility to cover those costs.


Wind Mitigation Inspection

This type of inspection is not required, but is always a good idea to assure the safety of your home in our Florida weather. If properly mitigated, insurance companies give mitigation credits for cheaper insurance rates. Some mitigated features would be shutters, roof to wall metal clips/straps, and impact windows.

Andrew was prompt and very thorough in his inspection. He is professional, approachable, and took the time to answer all questions regarding the inspection. He is top notch!!
— Catherine, Belleair, FL